Childhood memories

1 Interesting memories
Firstly, as a child I was introverted, scared and a crybaby.
One spring day, I was playing outside with a neighbourhood friend when we found frog eggs in the marsh.
I think I touched the egg with both hands kneading it without hesitation. The feeling is still in my memory. I went back to the house to get the bucket to see what I thought. I spread my hands wide, grabbed the egg and put it in the bucket with a thud.
It feels slimy and slippery. It is also smooth. I also felt a sloshing sensation.
It was a heavy bucket for a five-year-old like me, but I remember struggling to carry it home, taking breaks along the way.
I then transferred it from the bucket to a large tub. Here, my grandmother first laughed when she saw the eggs. Then my grandfather told me to give it back.
It was murder to immediately return the eggs that a five-year-old child had so desperately brought home.
In the end, I think my grandfather went to return it.
For the frog’s eggs, this was a life-threatening experience.
Nevertheless, that unforgettable feeling remains as a pleasant memory.
With my hands in prayer


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