I often think about smiling as I go about my day.
It is in many of my childhood memories.
I was born and raised in a green environment. There wasn’t much there, but there always seemed to be smiling adults talking happily and children laughing.
Living in an environment surrounded by those smiling faces seemed to give a child a sense of security and the power to believe in people. Smiles are nourishment for the soul. The influence of adults who are constantly involved with children will be especially great for children who have little experience.
So perhaps we need to learn together for the future without stopping. And first of all, we need to smile ourselves. What do you need to do for yourself to achieve this?
Go outside and look up at the sky and take a deep breath, look at flowers and feel healed, take a walk in a favourite place, grow vegetables, take photos, listen to music, sing, cook. Take time to enjoy whatever makes you happy.
Your happiness may also make the people around you happy.
And make friends with people who smile when they see you smile. A smile attracts smiles. May your days be filled with smiles.
Finally, my grandmother used to say that you can live your whole life crying, or you can live your whole life laughing.
Which will you choose?


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