Other flowers


Now, let’s have a moment this happiness. So it is enough. At that moment, the moment is, be all that our seeking, I on the other do not need anything. By Mother Teresa.

A new day

Today is a new day. Not in the past, Not in the future but a new day. Live in the moment , the present moment. That’s enough. My wonderful day!

My best friends

In its natural state

Flowers are beautiful enough has they are. Accepting things as they are. I want it to stay that way.

Mother’s love

Always blooming there, always watching over you from there. Eternal love, mother`s love.


Bib smile for everyone! I hope you have a wonderful day.


My heart is smiling today. I look up at the beautiful sky and smile.


The meaning of red. Bright, Sunshine, Passion, Love. What’s meanings come to mind for you? I hope you have a wonderful day!


It is a member of the daffodil family. In the middle of winter, when flowers are scarce, it is very attractive and cute to see them blooming in flocks. Have a good day!


Let’s fill the pockets of our hearts with things we love and things that are beautiful. A gentle smile for you. Have a good day!

Snow drop

They bloom softly, but there is no telling how much they hold inside. Beauty and strength are my pride.


Good thoughts become good deeds, which become habits, which lead to a better and richer life.

Letter for the future

My favorite Quote. My past life was a lesson for my future life.

The meaning of a smile

Smile is caring. Smile is love. Smile is hope. A smile is the best gift without words. Good morning and A smile full of kindness for you!

Take off

A calm mind ready to accept everything. I’m always ready to leave. I`ll be waiting for that moment.

Thank you

Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for your warm and big hearted support. I want to say many, many thanks. I’ve grown to love the word ” Thank you “.


This flower is a gift to you, with a gentle smile and caring heart. Thank you for everything.

Only one flower

The only flower in the world. I love this flower. A flower that is loved and nurtured will eventually grow into a large beautiful flower and so the seeds of happiness.


Family is beautiful. Family is peace. Family is love. Family is only one in the world. I hope you have a happy day.

Long time no see

We’re doing fine. Thank you for that time. I hope that we can continue to smile and build a warm family together. I wish you all a happy and healthy life.


When I see someone smile, I find myself smiling along with them. A smile is the best communication with out words.


May it reach everyone, no matter where they are in the world, no matter what time of day it is. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Genuine article

Something really valuables are Compassion, Imaginable mind. Let’s fall in love with someone like that.


Delivered to the farthest reaches of the sky. Gratitude, Love, Peace. I hope you have a wonderful day!


If has the positive mind, you will have the opportunity to encounter many things in this world.

Beautiful Mind

Why do we think beautiful things are beautiful? That’s because your heart is beautiful.


Let’s connect with music. Let’s sing your favorite song. Let’s smile. Let’s be happy!!

You and Me

Stick together. We won’t let go. Stay close.


You are beautiful. Yes, but ・・the heart is much more beautiful.


You might as well laugh. Laughing attracts good luck. Because, I feel like I can make you happy.


It’s blooming, It’s blooming, the tulips are blooming. Tulips song. Feel the spring.


A forgiving heart makes life richer. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Give and Take

Living with flowers gives our peace of mind.

Caring heart

When you can’t be honest, try to be gentle with them. Let’s laugh at each other.

For you

May your day be filled with joy and love. Big smile for you!!

Flower of smile

May smiles bloom on your face, yours, and everyone else’s.


Good morning everyone! Happy Monday morning! May your new week be filled with radiant smiles.

Heart feeling

Your happiness is my happiness. Your sorrow is my sorrow. Your joy is my joy. Let’s be that kind of family.

Never give up

However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. By Dr, Stephen William Hawking


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I will leave my mark on the first page in your life.

Commemorative photo

Gather around, please. I’ll take a photo. Give me your best smile, please.

Kindness smile

I will give you a smile full of kindness. May a smile bloom on your face.

Right Now

Tomorrow is not always coming. I don’t know if I’ll be alive tomorrow. I’ll tell you what I want to tell you right now. Go see the people you want to see right now.


How are you doing changing season? Please take care of yourself so that you don’t catch a cold. May your new day be a wonderful one.


Special love

Love for flowers. Love for family. Love is the same love, but love for you is a special love. Dear love you. I miss you.

Just now

I don’t want to let go of that hand that I held. Because there is no guarantee that tomorrow will come.


A heart-warming moment🥳   Happy birthday🌹  Happy birthday to you born March 🎂


The magic word, the watchword. Stay Positive👍 Gratitude🙏 Remember to smile🙃and don’t worry🌹May you and the people around you have a smile!!!


Something that cannot be described in words. I want to enjoy the world that words cannot describe to the fullest. And, I want to leave behind many memorable memories.

My pride

There’s no such thing as an empty life. The more I’ve experienced, the more I know how to feel. And when you think of it that way, the past has meaning. I can be proud of my life. How Nice❤️‍🔥❣️💖

Special love

Love is kind. Love is the power of life. But love sometimes hurts. I want to keep warm the one and only such special love in the world forever.

Season letter

As the season progresses, the plum blossoms are blooming and spring is in the air. In two weeks, the cherry blossoms will began to bloom. Floral letters are seasonal news. May your heart be filled with joy and happiness!!!


I’m reading back what I wrote . I fond myself smiling. I felt a little embarrassed, but I feel the joy of having been able to preserve my honest feelings. Gratitude!!!


I simply want to be by your side. Nothing else makes sense. I just love you, plain and simple. May you and the people around you have a smile !!!

Beautiful Love

Thank you for being born. Thank you for the miracle of meeting you. May this tender and beautiful love last forever.

My lover

The beautiful blooming flowers seem to overlap with you, my love. I hope you are smiling today, I hope you are happy today. Not a day goes by that I don’t wish you happiness . I pray for you everyday. May I see you soon. Thank you!!!

Radiance love

I need to be on your side, but I can’t . Doraemon , please give me a door to anywhere. I hope to see you soon. A great radiance of love that leads all to happiness❣️

Be okay

Pray is a quiet mind. Pray with serenity . I don’t think about anything else except praying. I believe it will be okay. It will get better . May you have a good night sleep😴🥰💖

Innre heart

You look like you are smiling when you see are flower blooming because your heart is beautiful. You love nature because your heart is filled with love. May you always have a flower blooming smile😊✨❣️


The beautiful twittering of birds cheers us up. The murmur of the river calms the soul. The shining blue sky takes away all anxieties. Sing your beautiful love songs forever. With a voice so loud that it echoes around the world 💫💖

Song is magic

Song is magic. Messages conveyed through songs ease sadness, make you happy and make you smile. Song is magic. Songs bring miracles and happiness.

Spring breeze

Every time a warm spring breeze touches my cheek, I think of your loved ones. I want to feel this spring breeze with you. I give you the sparkle of once-in-a-lifetime spring with a smile on my face❣️


A beautiful mind breeds a beautifully seeing mind. A kind heart shares its honest warm kindness with many people. A cheerful heart kisses your sad heart and brings a ray of hope.

Warm hands

My warm hands will ease your pain. I gently rub you. I will stay close and hold your hand. And I will kiss you with my prayers. I will share your grief and pain. And one day we will definitely laugh together. I wish you are bright smile✨


Words are strong messages that stir the soul. Words are living things that can mean different things depending on how they are used. Words are warm messages that carry love and kindness. Thank you , I’m happy , smile, It’s all okay, I welcome such encouraging words. 


Give me half of that pain. Give me half of that sadness. And when the pain and sadness are gone, let us laugh together as mach as we can. Let’s laugh at each other. Let’s laugh so hard that we cry.

Smile for you

Smiling is the best medicine . By me. Peace begins with a smile. By Mother Teresa. May a smile bloom on your face.

Care of myself

Today’s lesson is about self-praise. I am admirable. I am doing my best. I am a genius. At the end, I give myself a smile in the mirror. Thank you myself😊

Go forward

A better future awaits us than the one we have now. Let`go forward with hope. We are not alone at any time. Pray for, May you have a smile on your face.

Ms tulip

Happy birthday to everyone born in the season of tulips 🎉 Blessed are the tulips in full bloom. I wish you are smile like a tulip on your face 🙏🌷😊❣️🙏

Work miracles

Miracles are given to those who believe in them. If keep thinking about it, the time will come when it will come true.

Daily life

Make a request of the flowers. What do you ask for? I ask for peace. May you return to your daily life without anxiety.


I am a beautiful and strong woman. I can kick any difficulty to the other side of the universe. Have a great day everyone .

Spring smile

Spring is a beautiful season with new flowers blooming one after another. May spring shine and blooming smiles reach you .


There is no problem that cannot be solved. The job of achieving peace can only be done with optimism. It is like a doctor who saves lives. It works because you see things in a positive light. By Boutros Ghali

Love flower

Love gives courage. Flowers give hope and healing . And they gently wrap everything up.

Happy song

What song makes you happy? Why not sing such a song today? Good morning, new morning.
Beautiful morning, good morning. Good morning, everybody ❣️


It is full of energy. I can still work hard. I am full of energy. May you receive lovely flowers and smiles!!

First step

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Good morning Big smile morning .


We are full of hope for life !!! May there be a blooming smile on your face.  

What is means to love

The man I loved was just deaf. The one I loved was just blind. The only person I loved was wheelchair-bound. Only because my loved one was bedridden. That’s what it means to love.
I will be your eyes. I will be your ears. I will be your hands and feet.
That is what it means to love.

Trying to understand

Only I can understand my suffering . But it is great to have people who try to understand.

A smile

A smile is the best gift to cheer up the soul . May you and those around you be happy !!!

I`m sure you`ll be fine

The sun will rise again, and again. It doesn’t seem to have to be too serious.
Time has solved the problem.
The important thing is to enjoy it as much as possible.

Love music

Music is Magic. Music is a voice that reflects the heart. Music is a miracle. Music is a bond
Thank you for all the music in the world.

Kiss your smile

Your smile is full of love. Your smile is my happiness. You are a miracle gift from god. May a smile bloom on your face.

Believe in yourself

Today I would like to share with you the words of Japanese industrialist Konosuke Matsushita.
When bad times pass, good times will surely come.
People who achieve great things have the patience to wait for the right time to come without giving up.
They wait quietly for the time to come, without haste or panic.
Believe in yourself and do not give up. It is not easy, but it seems to be the secret of success.
May you and those around you smile.

Voice of the heart

I can’t tell you what love is, but I can look into your eyes and see what you are trying to say.
The voice of the heart that is conveyed.
I want to cherish the unspoken, unvoiced voice of your heart, and keep it alive forever.

Happy Sunday

Today is Sunday. The weather has had a lot of rain since yesterday.
On days like this, I decide to relax and stay inside. Music, reading, naps and friends.
It will be a good day. May a smile bloom on your face.

Not alone

Don’t work alone. Don’t worry alone. Believe that there is always someone to support you.
There are kind people everywhere in the world.
May you have a good encounter. Encounter starts by taking action.

Greatest gift

Caring for others is the greatest gift you can give with a little courage.
Good morning and Happy Tuesday!


Part of being optimistic is keeping one’s head pointed toward the sun, one’s feet moving forward. By Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.

1 in 7 billion 

I am one of 7 billion people. I am here because of all of you.
I cannot live alone. May you and the people around you have a smile.

I am here

Flowers are always blooming there as best they can. Thank you beautiful, new morning.

Beautiful morning

Listen to the sounds of nature. Do you hear anything?
Birds are singing pleasantly on a beautiful sunny morning.
Happy Friday, with a smile!

Prayer for peace

The shackles are what allow me to fly. It is because of sadness that I soar. It is adversity that makes me run.
It is tears that keep me going.  By Mahatma Gandhi

Lot’s of love

The child repeatedly asks to be carried. I will hold child as many times as I can. I can’t hold them when they are grown up.
I give child lots of love. It strengthens the bond.

We love flowers

In the southern hemisphere it is winter. Flowers in a vase in a season when flowers are scarce.
Just having flowers in a room is a relief.
Flowers are an important part of my healing process.
Incidentally, my relaxation methods are meditation, deep breathing, fragrance and flowers.
Happy Friday!!!

Hi there

To be a friend, all it takes is a hello, a bit of courage and a smile.
May a smile bloom on your face.

Happiness born of gratitude

Be grateful for this moment, this new today. And enjoy being alive.
I, we, are happy.

We can

Difficulties may arise.
We see difficulties as harbingers of good tidings.
If we overcome difficulties, shining moments will gently greet us.

Soft light

May the soft light gently wrap your hurt and sorrow and heal you.

My feelings

Rainbows are the most beautiful after rain.  Grateful for a new morning

My mother

My mother always waved me off from the window in the same place when I was in primary school, until she couldn’t see me anymore.
Thank you, mother, for six years, every day, every day.
The warmth of my childhood still protects my heart.

What’s in your hands 

In your hands you already have brilliance and victory. Your life is wonderful !!!

Something more than words

The important thing was to hold hands, lean in and listen in silence, rather than words. Like a flower in the field. May a smile bloom on your face.

You can do it

I am always here to listen to your words. I am always by your heart.
Let’s start today with a smile. Good morning, new morning!!!


We met out of countless stars. They gave us beautiful and gentle stars.
May the stars continue to shine forever.
May they gently nestle by our side. May they keep us smiling, we pray.

Love is the power of life

Our fundamentals are passion and compassion.
May you have a blooming smile on your face.

Start with smile

Good morning. Let’s start the new week with a smile.
Your smile makes me happy.
Thank you, you and me.

Surrounded by kindness

When you touch kindness, you feel comforted
When you give kindness, you feel happy
The kindness that all living things love is in your heart.

Love is the foundation of the heart

Caring for others. Loving people. This is necessary for everything that lives on the planet Earth.
Thank you, new morning!!

Enjoy this moment

How to enjoy life
To think constructively. To have the habit of imagining pleasant things.
Believe confidently. To act.
To enjoy failure and new experiences.
Start a new morning with a smile.

What are your dreams?

Remember your dreams and hopes. Let them shine through, your life.

Trust me

Your efforts will be rewarded. Don’t give up!! Have a lovely day.

Beautiful heart

Your heart is beautiful because you see the beauty in small things. A new week begins. Good morning with a smile.

Flower of smile

If you are happy, I am happy. May smiles bloom on you and those around you.

To all

Make kindness the basis of your heart.

Smiling and blooming

I am happy to start a new day with you. May smiles bloom on you and those around you.

The best gift to you

Your gentle voice that touches the heart, your smile that touches the soul.

You can do it

Tears of frustration are important tears in the period before flying away. Be strong in your heart.