Letters from Nature

We live on a single line of the Earth’s history, which was created 4.6 billion years ago.
These places have been subject to repeated volcanic eruptions, creating unique landforms and lush forests.

Gentle and majestic mountain shapes, springs that spring from the earth, plants and small creatures that live in splendour in the midst of it all.
All are alive in each and every moment.

The fascination of such beautiful and fleeting life makes us forget the passing of time.
We are part of that beauty.
Our life is just one page of a moment on earth.

We sincerely hope that this beautiful forest will be passed on to the future.


When I look back at the path I have taken, the faces of many people come to mind. How many people are involved in my life. I’m grateful to be here now. I would like to thank the people who raised me. I’m grateful for all the people I have met, and all the new people I have met. Every person’s life is meaning. Thank you everyone!

Gentle colored white rose