Pink and Orange

It is now completely winter and the cool morning air feels even colder.
I get up, bracing myself for the feeling that I still want to sleep.
I look out of the window and see the orange and pink morning glow illuminating the sky in the distance. The colour of the sunrise makes me smile. Thank you and good morning are the natural words in my voice.
I feel as if I am welcoming a new morning.
Good morning with a beautiful sunrise.

Autumn leaves

Plants with reddish autumn leaves due to the drop in temperature. The colouring of autumn leaves helps to protect trees from harmful substances.
Every single activity of living things has a meaning, and they live in symbiosis, supporting each other to sustain their lives.
And the birth of life is repeated.

Magic Flower

This flower is not just any flower. This flower has the magic to make you happy. The care of this flower is to give it fresh water every day and tell it that you love it. Only then will the flower bring you happiness forever and ever.