Pink rose, smile for you

A smile is your asset.

The beginning of a new morning!

Okay, let’s get started!

Time for just the two of us

A smile is light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside. By Denis Whitley.

Big smile

May you have a smile on your face.

Always together

Learning together, laughing each other. A happy moment!!


A seed from the unknown world have become peace – calling miraculous flowers.


When I look back at the path I have taken, the faces of many people come to mind. How many people are involved in my life. I am grateful to be here now. I would like to thank the people who raised me. I am grateful for all the people I have met, and all the new people I have met. Every person’s life has meaning.


There are many things to celebrate in life.Let me say it out loud.Thank you !!

At the time of Departure

No hesitation. Time to move forward with a clear mind. The beginning of a new life. Cheers!!!

Keep on smiling

There is always your gentle smile inside of my eyes. We stare at each other and smile. No words are needed. A smile transcends time. Let’s keep on smiling always together.

Gentle colored white rose

A flower is more than just a flower.
Flowers are warm hearts. Flowers are caring hearts. Flowers bring love. Flowers make everyone smile. Flowers are lights that bring happiness.


Message coming on the wind. Many warm messages warm your heart. Lighten you heart. Grow together as people. Respect each other. Love will one day make a


Do you like flower? I like it. But what I like more is to sense what I feel from flowers that I cannot see flowers

All the time

Happy times, sad times, shining times, all times are precious memories. It is my priceless treasure! May you and those around you smile!


Peace begins with a smile. By Mother Teresa. I hope you have a wonderful day!


Peace begins with a smile. By Mother Teresa. I hope you have a wonderful day!


It is said that words contain the soul. Saying hurtful things to people doesn’t make me feel good either. Caring words make each other happy. Nice! Wonderful! Excellent! Cheerful! Gentle! Joyful! Admire! Stunning! Bright! Merrily! Lovely! Hope! Future!


The world connected by this sky. Wonderful blue sky for everyone. Have a happy day!

Not alone

You’re not alone. Even if they are not next to you, there is someone in your heart and in your memories who is important to you. Please cherish them forever.

Near future

Let’s get through this with smile. And I’ll go to you with my best smile.


I am fine the way I am. Let’s value our own identity.


Deep sorrow for the loss of loved one. May my grief not kill me. You are alive. Your loved ones want you to be happy. Till we meet again.


Allthings can’t grow without love. Flowers need love, too


Crying together, laughing together, empathy without words deepens the bond.


The storm won’t last forever. When the time is right, the storm will pass.

Cheer up

Tomorrow’s another day. Cheer up!! Big and wonderful Smile for everyone.

Only one smile

Our smile is one in seven billion that matters. Keep your smile forever! May today be a day full of

The Rose

Rose from around the world are sent to you. Love, Hope and Peace in Rose.

Our friends

Music and nature are our dear friends. Thank you happy Sunday !!!

All okay

Let’s talk flowers! You’ll be fine. There are many people on your side. You are loved by many people
You will be fine.

Good night

Today, please rest in the sweet fragrance and gentle colors of these roses.
Good night with beautiful dreams.

Number of roses

Today I would like to introduce the language of flowers, which changes depending on the number of roses.
1, I only have you. 2, We are the only two people in this world. 3, I love you. Confession. 6, I am crazy about you. Respect, love, and share with each other. 24, I think of you all day long. 108, Will you marry me? Excerpt.
By the way, roses are not cheap. It doesn’t matter how many roses you have, the most important thing is how you feel.

New morning

Good morning, new morning
The beautiful chirps of birds welcome the beginning of the day.  Thank you, new morning! 

Happy Saturday

Beautiful morning, happy Saturday, good morning! How are you all?
I wish you a blooming smile on your face.

From my father

No one knows what tomorrow will bring. If you don’t know, live the way you want to live.
Be who you want to be. Live strong!! From my father’s words

Shining smile

If it rains today, it won’t rain tomorrow. Today’s tears are only for today.
If we spend our days like the flowing wind, we will surely be greeted with bright and shining smiles.
I’m sure.

All the Gods

May the God of Water, the God of Mountains and all the Gods that exist in nature welcome you. Thank you new morning, good morning beautiful morning.

Prayer songs

Praying for peace , the moon and stars sing. May you have a blooming smile on your face.

Prayer place

I have a place I go to pray every day. Today I didn’t want to leave that place full of greenery with a pleasant breeze.
I gently touched a large tree and felt it gently encouraging me.
It is a good start to the day. Have a nice weekend, everyone!!!


I am grateful for the happiness of each moment and each moment in my daily lives. I send beautiful flowers and cheerful smiles to you all !!!


The world is not always a pretty place. That is why beautiful things look more beautiful and lovely.
Fortunately, beautiful things seem to have a good effect of purifying the mind.
What is beautiful to you?

How are you?

Just the thought of being connected to this sky makes me smile. It makes me feel that I am not alone.
How are you? What are you thinking about?
Good morning beautiful morning, thank you new morning.

Thank you

I have recently had the opportunity to read many blogs written by others, and I find all of them interesting, enjoyable, and sometimes encouraging.
I feel that people live their lives supported by someone else.
Thank you for always blogging. Thank you, new morning. Good morning!!

Let’s be happy

I wanted to laugh more. I wanted to tell more. Let’s do so together from now on.
Let’s laugh together as much as we can. And we will be the happiest people in the world.

Clear sky

It’ll be fine. It’s going to be fine.
May the weather be so nice that it makes you want to laugh from the bottom of your heart. Let’s just take it slow and move on.

Many thanks

I have always believed in them. I was sure I could smile again.
I thank the great nature for always being there for me and encouraging me no matter how difficult or anxious I was. May you and the people around you have a smile.

For those of you born in June

Heartwarming moments, happy moments. Happy Birthday to everyone born in June! Play for, May you have a smile on your face.

Good morning

Breathe in the fresh air in the glorious morning sun and say good morning and thank you to the sun.
A new morning has begun. Good morning, everyone!

The power of words

Today I would like to share with you the words of a university professor.                

I want you to have the courage to do small acts of kindness.
Let us all do the kindnesses we can, so that it will become a social habit.
Believe in people, love people, and serve people.
Thank you for your words that give us hope and courage to live.

Happy times

Happy times, joyful days. It is God’s gift to you. We give thanks for everything. Thank you for a new day.

A smile

A smile is the best gift of all. Peace begins with a smile. May a smile bloom on your face.

Many thanks

Thank you, the one and only beautiful smile in the world. Thank you, joyful music.
Thank you, for being born. Thank you, for watching over me warmly at all times.
A smile is a beautiful moment of happiness.

Dreams are the power to live

Life shines because we dream. By Mozart
May a smile bloom on your face.

Bonding through music

Music is a magic wand of happiness.
It brings happiness, joy, and sometimes dreams. Music is the best.

Bloom and give

Grow flowers. Small insects and birds delight in them.
We are healed by seeing them.
Happy Saturday. May a smile bloom on your face.

Shining strength

You are a strong person. You have a shining strength in your heart that you don’t even know you have yet. Please cherish that radiance.
Good things are surely waiting for you. Good morning new morning! Thank you for a new morning.

Happy birthday

Even though you are far away, I am always thinking of you and supporting you in your life. Go forward at your own pace, one step at a time. I am proud of you. Happy Birthday to you.

Be happy

Happiness in an ordinary day.
Good morning, thank you, good night. I feel happiness in this repetition. Have a lovely weekend!!

Kindness and smile

We choose to be happy. Kindness and a smile will surely help to make someone happy.
Beginning of a new week. Smile, good morning.

New wind

By taking a step forward, the situation changes and a new wind blows.
Why not walk with the sound of a new wind? The wind will surely welcome you gently.


Peace comes from smiles. By Mother Teresa. May there be smiles for you and all around you.
Pray for peace on the last day of the war in Japan.


You have climbed yourself out of the valley of life. You are a strong person. Your way of life is cool. I wish you joy.

Keep walking together

We cannot grasp the light, but we can walk with it.
Thank you, new morning. Good morning with a smile.

Life is beautiful

The life of a flower is fleeting. But the moment it blooms is beautiful.
Live to cherish that moment. May you and the people around you have a smile.

You have

The brilliance is in you.
May you have a blooming smile on your face. Have a lovely weekend!!!

Wings to the sky

Be brave, be confident that you are not alone and that you can do it, and make a choice you will not regret.
May you have a blooming smile on your face!!

A smile is love

When your mind laughs, your body laughs. When you smile, you may be making someone else smile.
Smile, and good morning!!

Love has no borders

Parents caring for their children.
Compassion between lovers All is love.
Love has no borders. I look up at the sky and wish you happiness always. How are you?

True Love

True love is eternal. It is passed on by those who are remembered and given to others. Love is a joy of life.

What to Inherit

Wisdom is something that is passed on.
Knowledge is acquired over time.
May smiles bloom on you and those around you.

Merry Christmas

Forget all NEGATIVE minds today. And may peace and smiles come to you. Merry Christmas .

You can smile more

Life is boring without laughter.
Laughter is important.
Bring your best smile to those around you.
May you and those around you smile this year.

Pure smile

That clear, pure smile of yours will smile in my heart forever.

Blessing Bell

Blessing bells, moments of brilliance, special days, the beginning of two people.

Tell me

Hey, hey, what’s wrong?
Why are you crying? Tell me.
You don’t have to suffer alone. You are not alone.
Let me hear your heart.